ROMINEX operates on the Polish market since 1994. Our core business activities are related with full processing of glass cullet.


    We are first company in Poland dedicated to buying, selling and processing glass cullet . ROMINEX is also a manufacturer of decorative grit glass and powdered glass. Our products are widely used in the ceramic industry as well as chemical. Glass cullet, which we receive from the public companies, businesses or enterprises shall be subjected to recycle, how then goes to the re-processing. Our products meet the highest demands of the market. Rominex to Rzetelna Firma - sprawdź certyfikat online
    We have adapted accordingly machine and equipment for crushing and grinding of glass cullet. We constantly modernize our fleet of specialist vehicles, which allows glass cullet receive and provide ready-made raw materials. We provide substitute interchangeable containers to collect a waste glass. Capacity of containers is always adapted to the needs and capabilities of the clients. We cooperate with many worldwide companies located in Europe and Asia. We advanced talks with garden designers in order to use fancy grits glass in interior gardens and stylish interiors . Our specialized personnel develop and implement systems that enhance the processing of glass cullet.
    We offer highly trained consultants who provide comprehensive customer service to meet high level of customer satisfaction. The company “ROMINEX” has the necessary decisions for the collection, transport and processing of glass cullet . In accordance with current environmental regulations we issue the relevant documents such as:

    • KPO – Waste Transfer Card
    • DPR – Confirmation Document Recycling
    • DPO – Confirmation Document Recovery


    Our offer includes:



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